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Sonny Angel Hippers Harvest Series

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Decorate your life with Sonny Angel Hippers Harvest!

New for 2022! Sonny Angel wants to watch you cutely while hanging around your house! These harvest-themed mini figures have an adhesive tape that you can stick and re-stick to your phone, a shelf, or other edges several times.

He wears 12 classic styles of fruit and vegetable headgear (plus some secret styles!) while smiling at you cutely to bring you happiness! Sold blind-box style- which Sonny Angel will you find?

  • 12 fruit and vegetable themed headgear
  • Included adhesive tape is able to reattach several times
  • One box contains 12 figures


Sonny is a version of the Kewpie or QP; a character created by American artist Rose O'Neill. Sonny Angel, started from a wide eyed 18 cm (7”) sized doll in 2004, celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019. Following the doll, the first mini figure series, Animal Series 1, was released. Now there are 9 different Sonny Angel regular series and over 650 kinds of figures in total. Sonny Angel is currently sold in 33 countries. He is loved by many people from all over the globe.