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Sonny Angel Chinoiserie Series

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The Chinese limited series Sonny Angel is now available!

This series celebrates traditional Chinese culture with elements of Chinese paper cutting and dyeing, using traditional colors.

Sonny Angel wears intricately detailed costumes, drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese art themes.

6 kinds: Porcelain Monkey, Kite Cockerel, Tiger Cap, Peking Opera Peacock, Chinese Panda, Paper Cutting Rabbit + Secret figures!

(*The secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assorted box.)


Sonny is a version of the Kewpie or QP; a character created by American artist Rose O'Neill. Sonny Angel, started from a wide eyed 18 cm (7”) sized doll in 2004, celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2019. Following the doll, the first mini figure series, Animal Series 1, was released. Now there are 9 different Sonny Angel regular series and over 650 kinds of figures in total. Sonny Angel is currently sold in 33 countries. He is loved by many people from all over the globe.