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Sonny Angel Artist Collection - Collaboration with Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai)

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✨Sonny Angel collaborates with Taiwan popular artist Kangyong Cai (Kevin Tsai) 蔡康永!

😘 Sonny Angel dressed up more stylish than usual with the theme of Brave As Me & Best Of You. The rainbow color is designed to accent the monotone graphic. 😍🎩 The crow on the hat is a trademark of CAI. The ribbon worn by Sonny Angel is also designed in rainbow color.

Sonny Angel, whose concept is "He may bring you Happiness ?!", sympathized with Cai's policy, and this collaboration was realized. In addition to the usual "healing", we give the "courage" to fight for ourselves and deliver the message of "living freely in our own way."

-Brave As Me-
“Don't be afraid of difficulties, let's move forward with courage.”

Feathers are designed on the black cloak in the image of you who spread the wings of courage and fly freely. "Be Free!" On the back means to give everyone the power of courage and to move forward while overcoming difficulties.

-Best Of You-
“Behave like yourself, without worrying about the other's eyes.”

Designed in a white cloak, the stars shine like you, trying hard to chase your dreams. "Love yourself" on the back conveys the message "I love you more and you are the best!"

There is even a chance a rarified Rose Gold version for Be Free!

  • Material: ATBC-PVC
  • Size: Brave as me Approx. W75×H148×D65/mm
  • Size: Best of you Approx. W75×H148×D65/mm