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Neon Dream Frankie!! (Clear) by Art Junkie x Bubble Wrapp

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Art Junkie x Bubble Wrapp

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✨Neon Dream Pop Up Show by Art Junkie x Bubble Wrapp✨

Light up any room with the Neon Dream Collection by Art Junkie x Bubble Wrapp!

Featuring the coolest mix of AJ's art styles and Bubble Wrapp's concept art, these soft vinyl figures will bring your collections to life with their loud, bright neon colors, matte or clear bases, and fluorescent elements.

Exclusively available through Art Junkie x Bubble Wrapp, these pieces are exceptionally limited in production and hand finished.

Brighten up your space and get those dreams poppin'! 🤩

Material: Japanese Soft Vinyl

Base: Clear or Matte

Sales Type: Exclusive, 2023


  • Neon Dream Canpay: approx. 3.5" tall
  • Neon Dream FRANKIE!!: approx. 3.75" tall
  • Neon Dream Chirasu-chan: approx. 4.5" tall
  • Neon Dream Kumara: approx. 5" tall
  • Neon Dream King Pacara: 6" tall
  • Neon Dream Violent Cat: 7.25" tall