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Negora Peony by Konatsuya x Bubble Wrapp

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Konatsuya x Bubble Wrapp

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**Bubble Wrapp Exclusive**

The King of the Flowers

Meaning: Botan (牡丹) means peony in Japanese and is considered the “King of Flowers” due to its beauty, elegance, and symbolism. It is associated with wealth, prosperity, and love, and is often featured in traditional Japanese art.

Size: 3.5 inches tall

Material: Japanese Soft Vinyl

Created in collaboration by the Creative Director from Bubble Wrapp, Kitty, and the artistic mastermind, Konatsu, with support from both teams. 

About the Japan Festa

The Japan Festival is a one-day event held annually at Johnson County Community College. We’re dedicated to educating and entertaining the Greater Kansas City Metro Area through an introduction to Japanese culture.

The Japan Festival is presented by the Heart of America Japan-America Society. Since 1962, the Heart of America Japan-America Society (HAJAS) has made it our mission, “To further the understanding between the peoples of Japan and the Greater Kansas City area by promoting social, cultural and educational exchanges.”

The Festival showcases the traditional culture, pop culture, food and art of Japan, along with the vision, technology, and hopes for the future shared by the people of Japan and the people of the Kansas City area. It features Japanese musical performances, traditional Japanese foods, a Japanese candy artist, Japanese snacks and sweets, a Bazaar shopping extravaganza, exhibits Japanese cultural village for kids, martial arts, anime & manga, workshops, demonstrations, cultural presentations, and more!

This year’s festival features our Kabuki Music and Dance Extravaganza. Come experience this larger-than-life Japanese theater tradition, and be transported back in time to old Edo.

      Konatsu Koizumi, who professionally identifies herself simply as Konatsu, is a Japanese painter and illustrator known for using the traditional sumi-e style. Through her art pieces, she evolved several monstrous animals, some of which she’s transformed into designer toy sculptures under her own Konatsuya brand, including her popular Negora creation.

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