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Madoromi no Yume to Hikari no Hakoniwa Art Book by Mizutame Tori

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Genkosha Publishing

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In addition to beautiful original illustrations by Mizutami Tori, a wide range of character designs and other copyrighted works from the past will be included in the exhibition. The book will also include scribble illustrations and other fan-favorite studies that cannot be seen at the exhibition. In addition, there will be an interview with the author, making of the cover illustration, and other reading material.


  • Chapter 1: An Event Like a Dream Package Illustration/Character Design
  • Chapter 2: Light in a Dream 2018-2019
  • Chapter 3 Dreaming Heart 2014-2017
  • Chapter 4 Slumbering: Analog Works

Making of the cover, explanation of the works, interview, etc.

[About the Author] Mizutamidori


  • A4 size, 160 pages


  • Country of manufacture: Japan
  • Material / component: paper
  • Year of manufacture: 2020