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Island White Night Endless Night Series by Wonton Island x Finding Unicorn

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Wonton Island x Finding Unicorn

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✨New Product ✨—Island White Night Endless Night Series

We imagine that there are many wonderful creatures in the night.🌠
Thus, the quiet and the noisy play at the same time in the night of the city.🏙️

Taking the current situation of "insomnia" of urbanites as a starting point, we will show the insomnia status and the undercurrent of emotions of different people.🛏🌉

Island Whisper of Flower

The Island is listening to the tiny cries all the time. Flowers provide the emotional connection between human beings and the world. From the breaking of the ground to the blooming of the flowers, the Island has heard their expressions and cries. So the elves guard all the beauty to maintain the blooming of flowers and the happiness of life. Let's walk into the fairy garden of the Island to feel the healing of life.

  • Size: about 3.1" to 3.9"
  • Styling: 12 regular + 2 hidden
  • Material: PVC+ABS

There are 12 regular designs and 2 hidden designs to collect.