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Ghost Bear House Series Blind Box

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Shin Woojung x F.UN

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The little ghost bear discovered a secluded cottage in the village, where a family lived. Drawn by the warmth of the home, the little ghost bear lingered nearby. The mischievous ghost bear often appeared before them during the late hours. For instance, in the deep of the night, seeing the translucent shadow of a bear by the window, startled the whole family.

With repeated occurrences, they believed the house was the home of the ghost bear, and hastily left that place. Only then, could the little bear slip through the unlocked door, feeling a trace of warmth left behind in the empty house.

There are 12 different designs to collect + 2 hidden editions.

Each figure stands at approximately 3" inches tall and comes mystery packed so you never know what figure you will get until you open the box!