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Donna Wilson Creatures Series

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Donna Wilson Creatures Figures!

Donna Wilson's famous quirky creatures are now available as minifigures!

The renowned textile artist, who collaborated with Sonny Angel in 2022 with the Sonny Angel Creatures Series, has teamed up with us again to create palm-sized figures of her designs!

Six of the most popular creatures are now available + chance of secret!

You can mix and match, pair them up with your favorite Sonny Angel Creatures Figures, or display them on their own!!

6 kinds + chance of secret!

One assorted box contains 6 blind boxes. (*The secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assorted box.)

◆ Product weight: Approx. 21-41g
◆ Product material: ATBC-PVC
◆ Product size: Approx. W42~73×H50~70×D25~37/mm
◆ Package size: Approx. W60×H95×D50/mm
◆ Assorted box size: About W182 x H190 x D102/mm