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Daoher Brown Sugar Oat BOBA (vegan)

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Daoher BOBA Milk Tea - Brown Sugar Oat BOBA (vegan) The convenient boba (bubble) tea in cans for boba lovers! DaoHer Beverage presents the new Ready-to-Drink (RTD) format boba tea for instant indulgence at no wait time!

What's BOBA tea?

It is a world renowned dessert drink combines milk tea with boba (bubble pearls), a chewy starch & konjac made round ball. What you drink - brown sugar blended oat milk What you eat - starch balls (made with starch & konjac)

Key Features:

- Lower calories formula

- Real starch balls (with natural konjac fiber)

- Real cane sugar Serving size: 10.5 fl. oz. / 310 mL Caffeine: 0mg per 100mL

Made in Taiwan

ISO22000 & HACCP certified