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Lead Collector Specialist Description

Job Description 

Position: Lead Collector Specialist 

Department: Collector Services 

Supervisors: TBD 

Position Overview: 

We are looking for a Lead Collector Specialist to join our team and coordinate with  ownership in the execution of daily operations. Lead Collector Specialists support  the location by creating an inviting and friendly environment, while working to  accomplish operational goals, visual and social media objectives, and generate sales through genuine and meaningful connections. 

Soft Skill Expectations at Bubble Wrapp for Lead Collector Specialist Brand  Experience + Culture 

  • Brand Ambassador: acts as a brand representative while reflecting company values 
  • Customer Engagement: Uphold a collector-centric culture. It is important to demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm during interactions, while also allowing collectors to absorb the store, and shop within their comfort zone. We do not subscribe to a pressure sales mentality. Each interaction is different, and we utilize intuition to gauge where people feel comfortable when it comes to engagement. 
  • Location Technology: deliver a seamless and convenient shopping experience through platform understanding and tool utilization (i.e., mPOS, POS, In-Store Pick  Up) 

Leadership + Team Management 

  • Lead by Example: actively create an energetic, positive, happy, and safe environment. 
  • Share Knowledge: take lead in teaching and sharing product, artist, designer, and manufacturer knowledge. 
  • Empowerment: Lead by example when exercising decision-making and  multitasking capabilities while prioritizing “Collector First” service over shift-level tasks.

Visual + Business Operations 

  • Location Operations: support location management and operations leaders by participating in daily opening/closing location procedures, operational tasks as delegated, and individual projects as defined 
  • Product Flow & Stocking: coordinate & collaborate with key 3PL partners,  location management, and operations leaders to efficiently execute shipment  processing, restocking, and Collector Floor turnovers all while maintaining Bubble  Wrapps’ visual and display standards; ensure omni channel orders are processed efficiently and accurately 
  • Awareness: adhere to and support location safety standards, inventory accuracy, shrinkage loss, and uphold all company policy and procedures to support profitability of the location (and thereby business) 

Communication + Relationships 

  • Inclusion: contributes to an inclusive, happy, and safe work environment by actively listening to others, seeking different perspectives, and advocating for an equitable experience 
  • Mentorship: supports new hires during on-boarding, orientation, and training, while providing feedback to leadership team on associate performance and promotability 
  • Positivity: seek to create and develop new skills while being open and responsive to feedback, enhance Collector experiences through positive, happy, and authentic interactions 
  • Communication: stays current and responds to communication; contribute to  sharing information with the team and leadership, actively participate in daily meetings, location initiatives, and brand goals 

Duties and Responsibilities for Lead Collector Specialist 

A Lead Collector Specialist performs leadership, management, and organization tasks to ensure Bubble Wrappers work efficiently and effectively during their shift. Depending on the shift, their duties include: 

  • Supervising employees and assisting with tasks as necessary 
  • Monitoring attendance, tardiness, and time off 
  • Assigning duties to specific employees based on role and skills
  • Managing employees’ requests and transgressions
  • Conducting performance reviews and sharing feedback with both upper  management and team members 
  • Training new and current team members on tasks 
  • Handling customer issues and managing conflicts 
  • Adhering to company policies and health, safety, and employment standards
  • Balancing cash drawers and preparing cash deposits 
  • Lead order pulling + packing activities 
    • Pulling web orders from backstock or floor stock 
    • Setting web orders into ‘hold’ area 
  • Create ‘Hold Box’ with packing slip and updating in-stock items, plus update product notes with status
  • Pull and pack orders with shipping label, prep for shipment 

Skills and Qualifications for Lead Collector Specialist 

  • Minimum 2+ years of verifiable work experience in a sales/retail environment
  • Comfortable with workplace technology like registers, scheduling software, inventory management software 
  • Basic math skills 
  • Willingness to become subject matter experts on specified areas of industry, as set  by management 
  • Excellent communication and people skills 
  • Leadership skills like decision-making, motivation, and goal setting
  • Strong critical thinking skills 
  • Exceptional organization and time management abilities 
  • Conflict resolution skills 
  • Customer service skills 
  • Ability to work as part of a team and collaborate effectively