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Kodama Sangyo Toy Co


    Founded in 1930 (since 1930), Kodama Sangyo Co. Ltd. manufactures and sells original soft vinyl toys such as Charmy-chan made in Katsushika, Tokyo (made in Japan).

    From June 1, 2016, the toy-related business has been taken over by the newly established Kodama Sangyo Toy Co., Ltd.

    Showa retro dolls are very popular in Europe! In addition to Kodama Sangyo Toy's "Nakayoshi Cadle Charmy-chan" and "Five-type Animal" (made in Japan, made in Tokyo), Katsushika's long-established toy maker Iwai Co., Ltd.'s "High High Baby", "Toddler Maa-chan" and "Eddie Panda" We also sell reprints supervised by Iwaisha.

    Thank you for your continued support of Kodama Sangyo Toy Co., Ltd. and our beloved products!

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    Kuma Chan by EMZ - Bubble Wrapp Toys
    Kuma Chan by EMZ