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Agan x Finding Unicorn

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Beep... Zzzz... Welcome back To The Vintage Radio Party

The secret of reversing time is hidden in the beating heart.

Hide in! Play a timeless game with Agan.

About the Artist

"YEAOHUA" is artist Agan's feelings about everything, and it's a retro, psychedelic and weird world of imagination.Agan creates a world for her characters in a cute, warm and whimsical way, and she uses different creation methods to show her own thoughts. Every YEAOHUA has more than two pupils, which is Agan's unique style of creating characters. Through such weird images and bright colors, she creates characters of more facets and emotions. Agan hopes that her works can bring and strength to people who live an ordinary life.

  • Size: about 3"
  • Styling: 9 regular + 2 hidden
  • Material: PVC+ABS