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Cat Ears by Emi Katsuta - Preorder

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I am Emi Katsuta, a sculptor. Mainly wood carving. 🇯🇵🌲🐿

This is "Cat Ears".

Please enjoy!

  • Packaging: Sold in sets of 2
  • Size: 5" approx.
  • Material: PVC
  • Variant: 2 with 2 variant tops

About the Artist

"Emi Katsuta exhibits her works mainly at art fairs and department stores. In recent years, she has received greater focus from abroad, particularly since her solo exhibition last year in New York, where her works began picking up attention from around the world.
Many of Katsuta’s pieces feature children with innocent faces and colorful clothing. As if dressed up in costume, the adorable characters transfix with their moistened eyes. However, their subtle features prevent easy discernment of their emotions and reflect a hidden willpower that leaves the viewer with a lasting impression that is more complex. The works are thus not merely cute, but highly spiritual as well. Please take a long look and let her artwork engage you in a dialogue."

~ Tokyo Art Beat

Preorder - Ships Q1 (March) 2024

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