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Yukachan the Kitsune Geisha by Otto Bjornik

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Otto Bjornik

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Yukachan the Kitsune Geisha by Otto Bjornik

In the small town of Takayama, villagers know that the quick, delicate tapping of geta signals the arrival of their beloved Yukachan as she makes her way to the teahouse.  Young kitsune geishas and maikos sneak admiring glances while men from faraway towns travel to see the legendary beauty.  They become entranced by her graceful dance and lulled by her dulcet voice as she sings to the notes of her shamisen.  Those who try to tease her in banter soon realize her lightning wit and wisdom.

One night, a wanton group of bandits tried to abduct several maikos into the woods.  Awoken by their cries, Yukachan dashed into the darkness and swiftly pounced on the culprits, expertly slashing at them until they fled in fear.  From then on, stories of Yukachan became even more fabled of the beguiling, agile warrior and faithful guardian of Takayama, a notable member of the secret group of cadmium geishas."

A few important notes:

  • The figure is made of resin and stands around 5 1/2"
  • Hand-painted with lacquer and acrylic
  • Limited edition of 50pcs
  • Packaging: box