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Wesley Bear - Trumpet in The Journey from The Campers by Vapour Park

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Wesley Bear - Trumpet in The Journey

Introduction by The Campers from Vapour Park
"Welcome to Vapour Park. It's an adventure. "

The Paige looked like a theme park character, but his expression was a little frown in his smile. So it was suggested that the set role would be ′′the mascot left after the theme park was desolated" What does Wesley Bear do to move on with his life when he loses his goal of working hard every day to bring his guests happy? Wesley Bear is also a role in the face of a restart of life; he must choose a new path to find happiness.
Size: 10 cm/4 in
Material: Resin poured in to a carved wood mold

About Vapour Park

A creative expedition team of three designers Kaiser Luna @ Okluna, Otaz @ Otaz-Work and Morimei @ Morimeiworks. Fusion of each style, taking turns to dominate each design.

For each of Vapour Park's works, apart from the look of the styling, we also want players to get a deeper understanding of the ideas behind their design. Visit Vapour Park on IG or FB for more backstory today!

😶‍🌫️ = Vapour Park 小編
🦊 = Kaiser @ OKluna
👨 🚀 = Otaz @ Otaz-Work
🐱 = Morimei @ Morimeiworks