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Vegan Robot (Yellow) by Chompton Stoodios

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Vegan Robots figured out long ago the secret to a longer battery life and more energy was to be powered by plants! Greens, grains, legumes, and fruit galore give the Vegan Robots the power source they need in order to fulfill their greatest mission.

Their mission is to spread the word about how to achieve optimum functionality while preserving the planet and sustaining precious life. Vegan Robots have discovered that by consuming a plant-based diet, they can save their planet and it’s inhabitants before it’s too late…

Material: Soft Vinyl

Size: 5.5” tall

Bubble Wrapp is honored and excited to be the first retailer of Chompton Stoodios toys! There will be more to come including custom Chompton x Bubble Wrapp exclusives so stay tuned!