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Kuckoo from The Campers by Vapour Park

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Introduction by聽The Campers from Vapour Park
"Welcome to Vapour Park. It's an adventure. "

Kuckoo's creation is more human than the Doomsday Cat. Doomsday cat's creation comes from the cat's disdainful attitude towards things around them. And Kuckoo is more like a little boy who complains to you about things that aren't.
Size: 12cm
About Vapour Park

A creative expedition team of three designers Kaiser Luna @ Okluna, Otaz @ Otaz-Work and Morimei @ Morimeiworks. Fusion of each style, taking turns to dominate each design.

For each of Vapour Park's works, apart from the look of the styling, we also want players to get a deeper understanding of the ideas behind their design. Visit Vapour Park on IG or FB for more backstory today!

馃樁鈥嶐煂笍 = Vapour Park 灏忕法
馃 = Kaiser @ OKluna
馃懆 馃殌 = Otaz @ Otaz-Work
馃惐 = Morimei @ Morimeiworks