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Passengers of the Galaxy 2 by 1983Toys

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1983 Toys

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Tourists from the second zone of the Galaxy Galaxy, born from planets with different conditions, have very different life characteristics and survival methods, and show us the infinite possibilities of everything.

Second zone characters consists of 6 primary designs, with 6 alternate colorways equaling 1 alternate per primary. Available as individual blind boxes or cases of 6, there's no telling which version of the character design will be in the box.

Series consists of the following character designs:

  • Galactic Rabbit Bibi: Rabbit Bibi from the planet of Orcs, following in the footsteps of the first batch of Orc space heroes, entering the universe to expand and explore, is a mature astronaut.
  • Vitality Rabbit Bibi (alternate): Wearing a pink spacesuit, the energetic Bunny Bibi embraces the pure dream of chasing the stars of the galaxy, facing the unknown universe, brave and undaunted, determined to conquer it.
  • Cosmic Gold Frog: The frog star man with its own money attribute in his gene wanders the universe because of the over-exploitation of the precious metal industry on his home planet. With his unique gold mining technology, he has attracted countless gold, so he is famous and has become the most popular gold digger.
  • Cosmic Miner Frog (alternate): For the frog stars whose home planet has fallen, their homelessness, and their gold mining skills have lost their livelihoods, they have to sign unreasonable labor agreements and become galactic miners.
  • Qiming baby bottle: The small baby bottle is a mysterious species with milk as blood. As the super idol in the galaxy, it has super-strong navigation technology and can be called "Galaxy Qiming GPS". Everyone likes to go out with him. No longer afraid of getting lost in the universe.
  • Meteor baby bottle (alternate): The baby bottle, which was accidentally involved in a stellar flare, changed into a gradual coat. After entering the third speed of the universe, it became a mysterious ranger and is regarded as a unique existence in this galaxy.
  • Star guide Claire: The gold medal guide of the galaxy-Claire, who flies outside all year round, provides guide services for tourists from all over the galaxy, eats, drinks and has fun, and is good at astronomy and geography. It is a know-how in the galaxy.
  • Cosmic announcer Claire (alternate): Claire, a cosmic broadcaster who loves to travel, is a master of "swim", has an accurate gossip radar, is a familiar and big speaker in the galaxy, his greatest pleasure is to eat melons, where there is no gossip, he is there.
  • Interstellar Explorer James: James, who is obedient in appearance, holds a sword and a shield. With the help of his angelic blood, he embarks on a journey of exploration of the galaxy alone, and bravely ventures into the universe with a sincere heart that is fearless and fearless.
  • Galaxy Cruiser James (alternate): The incarnation of justice, the Captain of the Galaxy Cruise, James, has been determined since he was young to eliminate all evil in the galaxy and protect the safety of the entire galaxy. He sticks to his post day and night, 24 hours a day, and shuttles in the Milky Way.
  • Dark Matter Popping Candy: The astronaut of the magic planet ACLC jumped for candy. Because she was trapped by the dark matter, she fought hard and won with a tenacious will. Nirvana was reborn and gained a new power. The spacesuit bloomed with a pattern like the stars of the universe. Cool and gorgeous.
  • Cosmic Dream Marshmallow (alternate): Legend has it that after a person falls asleep, the soul will go out of the body to do what he wants to do but dare not do. Cosmic dream cotton candy, wearing a soft cotton candy-like spacesuit, floating gently in the Milky Way, what kind of dream is it like to make people smile even when they fall asleep? Just ask her.