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Nicole's World: Dream in the Starry Night by LAMTOYS

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Nicole has the super ability to perceive nature, she can feel them deep in their hearts, it seems that there is little sadness inside them. When Nicole blows the Tao Xun, everything in nature will be restored, and then the earth will be quietly guarded.

Now, she is working to bring peace and tranquility to the universe beyond the Yichun Forest, and indeed, the Earth. Her focus is on all that is covered in the Dreams in the Starry Night. 

This series is an 6 + 1, meaning there are 6 standard options with 1 chase variant in the series.

There will be 6 blind boxes per case, so you'll never know if a chase variant is included!

  • Material: ABS + PVC
  • Size: approx. 3" tall