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Mooca + Miica M&M Blind Box Series 1 by LAMTOYS

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Mooca + Miica have landed! This dynamic and devilishly cute duo arrives from LAMTOYS featuring interstellar explorers, Mooca + Micca. The planets they have discovered along their journey are connected via a magnet, to keep them from flying away!

This series is an 8 + 2, meaning there are 8 standard options with 2 chase variants in the series.

There will be 8 blind boxes per case, so you'll never know if a chase variant is included!

  • Material: ABS + PVC + Vinyl
  • Size: approx. 5" tall
"From the alliance of mystery creatures MOOCA & MIICA,⁣
They are the messengers of love and hope,⁣
Will explore the interstellar with a sweet drifting planet,⁣
Spread love and joy in every corner of the universe."⁣