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MiwuFly M45 - Love Breaker by Burning Monster

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Burning Monster

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Miwu is a girl who travels through space looking for lost precious things. She meets many friends who help her during the trip. She grows up through these trips and adventures. This version finds her taking a momentary pause to contemplate what it means to love and how it's defined. The hardest part of love is a broken heart. How will that experience change the way Miwu sees opportunities?

What journeys await her in the future???


When you take out Love Breaker, take out the sponge one by one, and it's easy to take it out when Love Breaker is out enough. Be especially careful, because if you force it or take it out too aggressively, it can break! She also lights up! In this case, Miwu's head is removed, and the switch is pressed to light up. Voila!

H: 18cm