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Marcel Monkey - Cymbals in The Journey from The Campers by Vapour Park

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Vapour Park x thinkingues

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The Campers from Vapour Park x 想作室木雕動物

《 Marcel Monkey - Cymbals in The Journey 》

Inside the practice room of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, once living a little Chimp, Marcel. All the orchestra member treated Marcel as their own baby. Being raised inside the great orchestra, Marcel practiced very hard since he is young, hoping to become one of the orchestra member someday, performing together with everyone.

Unfortunately, no matter how good he plays his Cymbals, The Orchestra wouldn’t allow an animal to become one of their members. With a shattered dream, Marcel leaving the practice room with his own Cymbals. Wandering aimlessly on the lonely London streets, as if he lost his reason of living…

Suddenly, raindrops fall and hit on Marcel’s Cymbals. The clear and melodious sound drew the attention of oncoming Wesley Bear.

“The sound of your cymbals are very riveting! You must have been putting so much effort on maintaining it! Are you interested to join my band?”

This is the first day of “The Journey” band.
  • Size: 10 cm/4 in
  • Material: Resin poured in to a carved wood mold