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Alien Third Eye Cat by MomoMonsTER

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[The Birth of the Three-eyed Cat]

A greedy cat, because it looks more than human, so I open more eyes👁️
He was so greedy that he even had more fortune and wealth than people, so he gave birth to more opponents👐🏼 Just here!

The beckoning cat with three eyes and four hands is born!

Bubble Wrapp is proud, humbled, and honored to be the current US-exclusive retailer for MomoMonsTER Alien Third Eye Cats.

Size: 3.5" tall 

Material: vinyl


A Hong Kong-based illustrator who likes character design and monsters. A weird stranger, who has been interested in painting since he was young. A preference for monster movies, every time he sees anything, he will imagine that they are alive, have eyes, flesh and blood, have a feeling, are energetic. Their appearance makes daily life more interesting, breaking the dull real world.