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Akimaru the Kitsune Plush by CloverPuff

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Akimaru the Kitsune Plush

Akimaru is a baby fox spirit who presides over the season of Fall in a small rural area. He helps bless the harvest each year, and gains a new tail for each good deed of significant value he performs. He's still young, though, and his mischief and clumsiness often cost him tails, so he's never achieved more than five at a time.

Bring him home in cuddly plush form! Akimaru the Kitsune is a BIG plushie! He measures 16 inches in height and 10-12 inches in general width. He also has a lot of details, like his little black plastic triangle nose, maple leaves embroidered on his haunches, and a neck rope with a functioning bell. He has maple leaf designs in his big, bright eyes, and four sets of toe beans under his feet.

  • Handmade
  • Materials: minky fabric