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The Big Dreams of Three Little Tales: A Vinyl Story

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Miloza Ma

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What's in a dream? What makes a tale worth telling? What's in story worth remembering?

The trio behind The Big Dreams of Three Little Tales consists of Miloza Ma, Lala Woodland, plus Flying Sofye and they know what it takes. This wonderful release consists of 9 total designs, with 6 standard colorways and 3 secrets, 1 from each designer.

  • Packaging: 6 pcs / Box
  • Design: Total 9 designs, 6 standards + 3 secret (secret is randomly included)
  • Size: 6.5 cm~7 cm
  • Accessories: Card x1, PVC Sticker x1
  • Material: Soft vinyl (Produced with high quality slush-molded soft vinyl)